Thanks for stopping by A Family Place. I enjoy working with families, and sharing the power of music with them. Kindermusik provides this outlet for me. This blog will allow me to share thoughts and ideas that can help families in their journey.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Busy October Weekend Ahead

Rome Georgia will be bustling with activity this weekend.  Here are some things you can enjoy:

Chiaha Harvest Fair is a favorite fall outing.  Enjoy arts, crafts, music and tasty treats. Ridge Ferry Park, Saturday and Sunday from 10 - 5.  Adults are $5. Students and seniors $4.  Children 12 and under are $1.

Peach State Marching Festival is a great way to enjoy a day of marching bands without the football game!  This year marks the 40th year of this band competition at Barron Stadium.  The afternoon and evening is filled with music and marching.  A special performance by the JSU Marching Southerners will conclude the evening of song.  Admission is $7 for ages 6 and up. 

Harbin Clinic Zombie A Thon and Block Party is Saturday.  The Zombie run is at 5:30 and the block party begins at 7 pm - 200 and 300 blocks of Broad Street.  The fireworks will go off at 9:45.

Trinity Methodist Church Pumpkin Patch is still open and there is storytelling and music from 10 - noon on Saturday.

The YMCA is having their annual Boo Fest beginning at 5:30  on Friday at Grizzard Park. 

At Berry College there are a plethora of sporting events to attend.  Get the schedule here.

I'm sure more activities abound, check Hometown Headlines for all the details!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Fall Break and Community Events

Kindermusik classes at Berry will observe fall break the week of September 30 - October 4.  This coincides with Rome City, Floyd County and several other other school systems. Classes will resume the week of October 7 and continue through the week of December 9.

Halloween falls on a Thursday this year, and Thursday afternoon/evening classes may be altered to allow children to enjoy the festivities of the day. Look for details from your teacher...coming soon!

October brings cooler weather and a plethora of activities to the Rome community.  Here are a few things to put on the family calendar.

Storytime at the Rome Floyd Library begins on Tuesday October 8.  The children's department has shows each Tuesday at 10 or 11 a.m.  Come and join in the stories, songs and spontaneity of storytime!

The Pumpkin Patch at Trinity United Methodist Church on Turner McCall Boulevard begins October 1 and continues through October 31.  Search for the perfect pumpkin, buy some home baked goodies and support the youth group at Trinity.

Coosa Valley Fair is October 1 - 5 at the fairgrounds on Martin Luther King Bouelvard.  Carnival rides, an art show, and animals to enjoy. Get details here

Berry has a full calendar of events for you to enjoy.  Some events are best suited as a "date night", but there are the occasional kid friendly activities. Opening on September 26 is Rodgers and Hammerstein's "A Grand Night for Singing" - a musical highlighting the showstoppers this pair created.  Read more about it here.  Go to  and click on NEWS to stay up to date with happenings on campus.

Chiaha Harvest Fair is a favorite fall outing.  Enjoy arts, crafts, music and tasty treats. Mark your calendars for October 26 - 27.

Peach State Marching Festival is a great way to enjoy a day of marching bands without the football game!  This year marks the 40th year of this band competition at Barron Stadium.  The afternoon and evening is filled with music and marching.  A special performance by the JSU Marching Southerners will conclude the evening of song.

Monday, September 16, 2013

A few thoughts about singing

In the beginning was the voice....
Lullabies are sung throughout the world no matter the country or the language, mothers sing to their babies. Even if you don't like your voice, your children need to hear you sing. Every voice is unique.  Some voices are unmistakable: Willie Nelson, Cat Stevens, The Beatles, Dolly Parton. Your child loves to hear the particular sound you utter as you sing.

The lullaby is the spell whereby the mother attempts to transform herself back from an ogre to a saint.

Songs are sung to make our work easier. The call and response songs in the field helped the workers endure the hard labor in the hot sun.

 Slaves are generally expected to sing as well as to work.

Today people use music when they work out or when they are on a long trip.  The distance swimmer who recently completed the 110 miles between Cuba and Key West, Diana Nyad, sang songs in her head while she swam. “There's a song list in my brain of 85 songs. Neil Young is my favorite.”

I love people and I love to sing, and that's what keeps me going.

Research shows that singing can boost the immune system. Read about the health benefits here

I don't sing because I'm happy; I'm happy because I sing.

The Bible references music and has an entire book of Psalms, or songs. Singing is for praising and worshiping our Creator.

Sing to the Lord a new song;
    sing to the Lord, all the earth.   
Psalm 96:1


Monday, August 5, 2013

Kindermusik is for Big Kids too!

When Kindermusik first arrived in the United States in 1976,  the Young Child curricula (ages 4.5 -7) was the only one that had been developed.  Fast forward 37 years, and Kindermusik International offers music classes for newborn to age 7.   

Children have many choices for activities and Kindermusik for the Young Child is often overlooked. Here is a glimpse of why you should consider the program for your child:
§  It is the crème de la crème of the Kindermusik curriculum. 
§  We build on the fun we have had in the previous curricula.  We begin to label the music concepts that they experienced in Our Time and Imagine That! 
§  The children experience music making with their peers in ensemble experiences. This reinforces keeping a steady beat!
§  Glockenspiels are used in the first year and serve as the vehicle to teach melody. 
§  Dulcimers and recorders are added in the second year of the Young Child curricula.  The dulcimers introduce string instruments and strumming a steady beat.  Recorders introduce wind instruments and encourage fine motor skills while reinforcing note reading.
§  Instrument demonstrations by college students and special guests enhance the child’s learning about instrument families.

When a child finishes the four-semesters of Young Child they will know notes in the staff, rhythms patterns, composers, instrument families and have an appreciation of music from various cultures.  
Ask band directors, choral directors, church music leaders, and piano teachers, they reap the benefits of Kindermusik graduates in their programs. Kindermusik for the Young Child is the BEST music foundation for your child.

  Kindermusik for the Young Child is offered 
Tuesday or Thursday afternoon

Register online here.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Thoughts on piano lessons

As a piano teacher for many years I am often asked my thoughts on learning the piano.  Let me share my story!

I grew up in a rural area of Florida, and I only knew a few people who played the piano.  I had a toy piano, and I must have banged on that a lot as a kid.  On my 7th birthday, a big truck pulled up to the house. I told my mom that this truck must be at the wrong house, because it was a piano company truck. It was in the right place, my grandparents purchased a brand new Baldwin piano for me!  I'm sure I was excited at first, but then came the lessons.  I could tell you many things I recall about those lessons, but the bottom line is I didn't like it.  I wanted to quit.  Long story, but I continued taking and now my career involves teaching music!

Parents tell me how much little Johnny loves music, how they always go to the piano at grandma's and play. So, they want to start Johnny in piano.  Did anyone ask Johnny if he wanted to take piano? Maybe he goes to the piano at Grandma's because there isn't much to do there! Just because a child likes to sit and play, doesn't mean they are interested in the specific techniques of learning the instrument.  There are lots of children who like to splash in the pool and swim, but that doesn't mean they are interested in joining a swim team and learning good technique.

Here are my top five things you should consider before beginning private lessons.

1. Sing, move and play with your child in a musical environment.  If you are interested in music and learning, he will be too. I teach Kindermusik, and I believe it is the BEST thing you can do to provide a positive foundation in music fundamentals.

2. Determine if your child is the right age and stage for lessons.  Most piano teachers like children to be 7 years old. Their hands have grown and their fine motor skills have improved. There are many details in studying the piano, and patience is required. Studying music is not easy, but it provides many lessons beyond the songs they learn.

3. Provide a well maintained instrument.  Have it in an accessible location in your home...not near the TV! I believe it is acceptable to begin with a good keyboard if that is the best economic fit for your family, but an acoustic piano is preferred.

4. Find a teacher that is right for your family. Some teachers are flexible, some are not. Many teachers push students to enter festivals, and competitions and to memorize many songs.  Other teachers just have a couple of recitals a year, and their students don't memorize.  What do you want out of the lessons?  Find a teacher that can provide that for your child.

5. Make sure your child practices. Kids don't usually want to practice, nor do they want to brush their teeth or clean their room or do their homework. If your child is taking lessons, you need to help them set a time to practice. You are paying for these lessons, and they can be quite expensive, don't waste your money or the teacher's time with a child who doesn't practice. Encourage your child to have family recitals, play for grandma over Skype, or maybe to play at school on a talent show.  All these things will boost their confidence.  When they feel good about what they can do, they generally want to practice! Success breeds success.

How much should expect to pay for private lessons?  That depends on your location and the experience and education of your teacher.  Private lessons always cost more than group lessons.  Some instructors will come to you, but that results in a higher fee.

How long before I am able to see progress in my child?  Every child is different! Some children learn quicker, have a natural tendency, and practice is always a great indicator.  If a child is willing to practice consistently then you should hear lovely music in a couple of years.  

One last thought -
Piano is different than any other activity your child can choose.  With ballet, soccer, swimming, gymnastics, football, etc... your child goes to a practice and comes home. Piano involves going to the lesson, getting instruction and then home to practice. I believe that is why so many students don't enjoy it and drop out, it's lonely.  That is another reason to wait until your child is older.  The younger they begin then the parent has to spend more time helping the child practice.  That is why I encourage parents to enroll in Kindermusik, Musikgarten or Music Together before making the leap to private lessons.

Check out these links for more information: 10 Things you should know before your child begins piano lessons

Ideas from PBS on music lessons

How old should my child be to begin lessons?

Moving from Our Time to Imagine That!

Kindermusik Our Time is for ages 18 months - 3 years. Imagine That ages are 3 1/2 - 5 years. What happens during that 6 month time when Our Time ends and Imagine That begins? Parents want to know if their child should move up as soon after they turn 3 or wait. They will often say things like, "they are the oldest in the Our Time class, I wonder if they should move?"

Let me give you a personal perspective. I have 4 children, the youngest is Kate. She has always been mature for her age because she was the youngest, and because she grew up with college students babysitting for her! She potty trained at 18 months. She had done music since the womb.

Kate and Imagine That? She could have, and would have done fine...but we stayed in Our Time for another semester. I attended Kindermusik with Ms. Wendy on Tuesday mornings at 9:30, and had a great time. She has a December birthday, thus turning 3 mid-year. Should we move up to Imagine That?

She got to be the oldest! She had lots of great ideas for us to do for the activities! We had lots of fun being together and enjoying music. When she moved up to Imagine That in the fall, she was ready.

That is my story, but here are some guidelines for you to consider with your child:

  • Separates from adult without crying; enjoys interacting with peers.

  • Thinks creatively - has moved from "what animals do you know?" to "what might we see in our pretend tree?"

  • Recognizes the needs of others; can be empathetic; take turns (usually!), understand classroom rules and why they are important

  • Developing abstract language and thought - can sustain a pretend play and enjoy developing an idea for up to 5 minutes or more.

  • Can tell stories, relate a series of ideas, connect own experiences to those of others

  • Beginning to take turns - can accept "she is playing the woodblock, and you have the tambourine today"

  • Has broad movement vocabulary, and can explore the same movement in diverse ways ("What other parts of your body can twirl?")

  • Can sit and listen to a story or musical selection for several minutes, and comment on what they have heard.

  • Knows simple shapes, colors, weather, seasons, and is beginning to count

  • Participates in singing, and reciting rhymes.
Talk with your child's teacher and get her perspective...every child is unique!

Is my child ready for Young Child?

Kindermusik for the Young Child is for ages 4 1/2 - 7. It is the developmental leap to the school age child. Musically, it is the culmination of all that has come before.

In addition to movement, instrumental play, singing, and creating, the Young Child student begins to learn musical notation (notes and rhythms). Melodies are learned on the glockenspiel, which is a wonderful pre-keyboard instrument. Children who continue through all 4 semesters of the Young Child program are also given the opportunity to learn the dulcimer and the recorder.

As a piano teacher of over 30 years, I don't take students who have not been in the Young Child classes. WHY? Because the foundation given in Young Child makes the transition to the piano so easy. Children without that foundation don't have the same 'musical sense' or rhythm as those in Kindermusik.

A parent of three Kindermusik grads told Ms. Wendy that their children are musical because they came to Kindermusik.  Another mom of a local high school pianist and vocalist told me she knows his foundation and love of music came from Kindermusik.

Here are some guidepost as you consider choosing Young Child.
  • exhibits self-confidence and reliability in a classroom or group situation
  • is interested in fine motor control activities - reproduces shapes, letters, enjoys puzzles, games and drawing.
  • follows directions and can participate in an activity with groups doing different things simultaneously
  • has good abstract thinking skills - can answer questions such as "how do you think a composer can make music sound like birds?
  • can sing whole songs, and is developing a good sense of pitch
  • is eager to learn, and is developing self-motivation
  • can work independently for short periods toward a set goal
  • is ready to begin understanding concepts of practice, proper handling of an instrument, and playing a tune as opposed to exploring ways of creating sound on an instrument.
Early elementary age children have many choices for extra curricular activities, and parents have to decide how to spend their money and their time. Kindermusik for the Young Child promotes learning and a lifetime skill, and Kindermusik...a good beginning never ends!

Young Child year two or .....

Here's a scenario that happens frequently: My child has participated in Kindermusik for several years, and has completed the first year of the Young Child curriculum. Should I move them to private piano or violin instead of completing the Young Child sequence?

A child completing 1st year of Young Child is usually 5 or maybe 6 years old. Many piano teachers do not take students until they are 7. Violin teachers will take children at a younger age because their are instruments designed for smaller hands (1/4 and 1/2 size violins). What are the advantages of completing the Young Child sequence?
  • Kindermusik is a group activity and children enjoy making music with their peers.
  • Kindermusik includes many games that make it more than just learning a new song. The songs are just fun, they teach skills like ear training and form.
  • Kindermusik introduces the children to composers and styles of music through listening and moving to music. This doesn't happen in most private lessons.
  • The 2nd year of Young Child has the children playing a dulcimer and a recorder. The dulcimer is a string instrument, the recorder is a wind instrument - both require fine motor skills. Violin and piano are fine motor skill driven too.
  • Steady beat is continued to be reinforced in Kindermusik through ensemble playing. All music requires a steady pulse, but the group aspect of Kindermusik helps the children feel it easier than doing it on their own!
  • Ensemble playing is more prevalent in the 2nd year of Young Child, and this encourages listening. Is someone too loud? do we have a steady beat? can you hear the melody?
  • Private lessons cost considerably more than group classes.  For example, Kindermusik for the Young Child is $250 for the entire semester, including materials.  Private lessons can cost $350 and more for the semester, plus books are extra.
I have seen students leave the Kindermusik curriculum, take piano later with "holes" that have to be repaired. Students who continue through year two of Kindermusik have a solid foundation!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Kindermusik Registration is ONLINE!


Kindermusik of Berry College is now taking registration for Fall classes! Registration is online!  Here are the details for how to register:

Here is the link for the Kindermusik website
You will see a class schedule/brochure link on the left.  This has summer and fall schedules.
The registration link for the fall is here.

  • All class registration is online, but you have the option to pay with credit card or by check.  The check option is a MAIL-IN only, not electronic…sorry!
  • Discounts are already figured in!  Early bird discount ends July 15. 
  • If you want to pay the deposit of $60 and the balance later, you will need to pay by check.  The credit card option is only available for full payment.
  • If you have materials from an older sibling and want that discount, you will need to email me concerning those details. To receive the materials discount, you will have to pay by check.
  • If you decide to register another child after you have already submitted one registration, your 2nd registration will OVERWRITE first IF YOU USE THE SAME EMAIL ADDRESS! If you use a different email, then it will NOT overwrite the first, but you wouldn't get the sibling discount.  So, if you decide to register the 2nd child later and use the same email address you will need to fill out information for both children again. Otherwise it will delete child one, and only the 2nd child will be registered.  
  • Classes begin the week of August 19.  Hope to see you there!
Questions? Email me at

Sunday, April 28, 2013

The end and a new beginning!

Spring semester of Kindermusik is almost here, but more classes begin May 7.  Here's the latest happenings for Kindermusik of Berry College.

Thursday May permitting....Kindermusik will be at Ridge Ferry Park, located on  Riverside Parkway. Come anytime after 10 to the playground on the south side of the railroad tracks.  Bring a picnic for your family if you choose.  This is always a fun time for the kids to play with friends, and the moms/dads to chat.  Afternoon & evening classes with Kathryn and Kay will meet on Thursday May 2!

Classes for Ms. Wendy end this week...last day is May 2.
Classes for Ms. Kay & Ms. Kathryn's end the week of May 6.

Maymester classes begin on May 7.  There are openings in all classes!
Register by May 1 the fee is reduced by $5. Click here for online registration or here to see a brochure/schedule.
Summer classes begin the week of June 10, with one camp being offered the week of June 3.  You may register for classes until they are filled, but if you register by May 1 you get $5 off!

Want to know what else is offered for kids in the summer in Rome Georgia?  Click here
There are also a couple of Kindermusik moms offering special summer events, and you can get information from the bulletin board in the Kindermusik classroom about these activities.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Kindermusik Registration is now ONLINE!!!!

Online enrollment is here!  You can now register for Maymester and Summer classes online.  This will allow you to pay with a credit card.  If you prefer to pay with cash or check you can use the hard copy that is available as a PDF at the website, or pick up a brochure when you come to class.

Enroll by May 1 and the cost is reduced by $5 per child.

Registration for Fall classes will be available online in May.  Also, the Berry Kindermusik webpage is being updated, so check back soon to see what is new. 

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

It's Ag Week at Berry College

Berry College was founded on working your way through school.  That is still a big part of the education that students receive.  Agriculture continues to thrive at Berry, and they celebrate that each year with special events. In the past they have lined the entrance road with tractors, trucks and farm equipment.  This year the events include:

Cow milking demonstration and Farrier (horseshoeing) and Bull Riding!  

The first two events take place on the lawn of Krannert between 11 - 1 on April 2 and 3. 
The Bull Riding is Friday, April 5 on the Mountain Campus.  Before the Bull Riding there will be
a petting zoo
face painting
Bruster's ice cream

The gates open at 6:30 and Bull Riding begins at 8:00 p.m.  The cost is $10 for adults, $5 for kids 12 and under.  Berry folks get in free with their ID.  Bull Riding will take place at the Gunby Equine Center on the Mountain Campus.  To get there take the stretch road like you are going to Swan Lake, Frost Chapel or the Old Mill.  The Gunby Center is on the left, look for signs.

Though not part of Ag Week, you may be interested in purchasing some Berry feed beef or Berry cheese.  The Berry Student Enterprises have sales of beef and cheese on a regular basis. There is nothing quite as tasty as Berry beef! For more information you can email

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Spring Breaks...coming soon!

Though the weather and calendar still say winter, many school systems have a spring break in the near future!  Kindermusik of Berry serves families from various systems encompassing several counties, so trying to choose one break is impossible.  Teachers decide what works best for them and their schedule.  That said, here is what you can expect:

Ms. Kay will NOT have classes the week of 
March 3 - 8 (Berry's spring break)

Ms. Wendy will NOT have classes the week of 
March 25-29 (Rome City's break)

Ms. Kathryn will NOT OBSERVE any breaks....
if you are in town, come to class!

Monday, February 18, 2013

We Love Kindermusik, Quotes & Quips

Both my children get so excited when it’s their day for Kindermusik. They have built friendships there.  If either of my kids are fussy and crying and I pop in the Kindermusik CD it’s like an instant calm – bizarre!    Anna Routt, Samson and Sadie’s mom

We like learning new songs, moves and interacting with other kids.   Erin Hall, Ava’s mom

We love Kindemrusik because it is a chance for some much needed Mommy/Daughter time.                                                                                     LeeAnn Goya, Stella’s mom

Fun, instruments, games, singing, laughing, dancing, friends. Sarah Beth Diprima, age 7

Driver loves knowing every Thursday morning that he is going to the “castle” to do music.  I love to see him learning so many different concepts through music.  It’s a great way for Driver and I to have some wonderful quality time.     Becky Chambers, Driver’s “Mimi”

I do love Kindermusik, that is a fact not an opinion.
                                                 Amelia Miller, age 6

One of the many reasons we chose to participate in Kindermusik  is to foster the sense of ownership Evelyn feels in regard to the music.  When we turn the Kindermusik on Evelyn’s face lights up.  She stops whatever she’s doing to run, dance, and sing to the music.  In a sweet and special way, it is hers.  
                                            Jennifer Pullen, Evelyn’s mom

Mallory and I love Kindermusik because of the special memories we’ve made and the fun times we’ve had!                   Kari Meers, Mallory’s mom

I like Kindermusik because I like to sing and dance. Kaylee Harper, age 3 1/2

Kindermusik has meant togetherness to our family.  It has always provided a space and opportunity to explore, listen, try new things, act silly, be creative and enjoy…TOGETHER!  As a mother I cherish the days I get to go to class with my child and watch her be herself, acting in her own unique ways amongst her peers, growing and learning.  I am always so proud as I watch my child and thankful that she is mine. Kindermusik has given me those moments. Maggie Cooper, mom to Vivian and Emily

Allie Garrett (age 2) was grumpy until her mom told her it was Thursday and time for Kindermusik. Suzanne said her attitude totally changed!

Matthew Lewallen (age 5) loves Kindermusik because he gets to see his friends!

When Britton (age 2) was saying his prayers, he thanked God for trumpets and Miss Kathryn.                                                  Sally Echols, Britton’s mom
Atticus loves to share his mom's special treats with his friends at Kindermusik!  Click here to see more of Chin's creations.The words/music symbols you see on top of the cupcakes are chocolate!

For those who returned their coloring pages, thank you!  Liz, our student worker in Kindermusik used the famous "eeny, meeny, mini, mo" method and found THREE winners -
Mary Kathryn Mead
Julia Beauchamp
Kailyn Therber

Thanks to all who participated in WE LOVE KINDERMUSIK WEEK! 
A good beginning never ends.

Monday, February 4, 2013

So Many Choices

Rome has an abundance of music events coming up, so get your calendars ready, and decide what you can attend!

Friday February 8 - Unity Christian is having a Valentine Dinner/Dance. It is from 7 - 10 p.m. at The Palladium.  If you want information or tickets contact Stephanye Yadkowski at

The Clocktower Jazz will perform at the Rome City Auditorium on February 8. Heart and Soul, Love Songs and Motown! Tickets are $5.

February 8 is also opening night for the Rome Little Theatre's show, Hairspray.  Tickets are available by visiting the Rome Little Theatre box office in the DeSoto at 530 Broad St. in Rome or by calling the box office at 706.295.7171. Ticket prices are $14 for adults and $12 for students, seniors, and groups. RLT  The show runs two consecutive weekends.

Also on February 12 you may want to attend the Three Rivers Singers Concert that will be held in Berry's Ford Auditorium. The concert begins at 7:30 p.m. and is free!

The weekend of February 15 - 17 Darlington's Fine Arts presents the musical, Grease!  The show will be held at the Rome City Auditorium. 

Thursday February 21 is the Northwest Georgia Winds Concert.  The concert is at the Rome City Auditorium at begins at 7:30 p.m.  Free!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

We Love Kindermusik!

The week of February 10 - 15 is WE LOVE KINDERMUSIK WEEK! Join the fun by picking up a coloring page when you come to class.   Return the beautiful artwork to your teacher, and it will be displayed in the Kindermusik room through February 15. 

In addition to displaying your child's artistic skills, we would like for the parent to write a brief statement of 'why you love Kindermusik', or 'why you choose to participate in Kindermusik'.  Write your comments on the coloring sheet.  Older kids may want to assist you with their own version of  what they LOVE about Kindermusik.

All coloring pages that are returned will be entered into a drawing for a SURPRISE gift card.  There will be three winners! You must return your coloring page by February 8 for a chance to win.

After Valentines Day there will be a new post listing the winners, and some of our favorite quotes from families about Kindermusik.

For fun click here to see a video.  Maybe Kindermusik of Berry will submit a video this year!

We love Kindermusik families!

Friday, January 4, 2013

Together Again!

Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's.....all great to spend with family and friends.  After the shopping, traveling, and eating it's time to resume routine.  Children love the holidays, but they crave the familiar.  Another thing children need is time with the adults in their life. Time that is free from errands, laundry, and technology.

There are many wonderful activities to engage your child, but consider Kindermusik in 2013.  Here are a few reasons:

  • Your child will learn listening skills!  This is a great skill to have at home, in the classroom, and in life!  
  • Your child will experience taking turns - another life skill!  
  • Children work on fine motor skills through playing instruments and gross motor skills as they move to music.  These transfer to cutting with scissors, holding a pencil and playing a sport!
  • There is evidence that Kindermusik shows positive effects, particularly around the development of parent-child communication, language and reading skills. 
  • Friendships are formed that continue after Kindermusik is over! I know families with teenagers that have maintained the relationships they began in the Kindermusik classroom.  A good beginning never ends!

Classes resume the week of January 14, and many have space available.  You can get a brochure here.  If you have questions about openings email me at

Despite all the concrete evidence that music increases our capacity to think and perform at higher levels, it is the “soul” of music that, in the end, makes a difference in human behavior.  Linda Swears