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Monday, February 18, 2013

We Love Kindermusik, Quotes & Quips

Both my children get so excited when it’s their day for Kindermusik. They have built friendships there.  If either of my kids are fussy and crying and I pop in the Kindermusik CD it’s like an instant calm – bizarre!    Anna Routt, Samson and Sadie’s mom

We like learning new songs, moves and interacting with other kids.   Erin Hall, Ava’s mom

We love Kindemrusik because it is a chance for some much needed Mommy/Daughter time.                                                                                     LeeAnn Goya, Stella’s mom

Fun, instruments, games, singing, laughing, dancing, friends. Sarah Beth Diprima, age 7

Driver loves knowing every Thursday morning that he is going to the “castle” to do music.  I love to see him learning so many different concepts through music.  It’s a great way for Driver and I to have some wonderful quality time.     Becky Chambers, Driver’s “Mimi”

I do love Kindermusik, that is a fact not an opinion.
                                                 Amelia Miller, age 6

One of the many reasons we chose to participate in Kindermusik  is to foster the sense of ownership Evelyn feels in regard to the music.  When we turn the Kindermusik on Evelyn’s face lights up.  She stops whatever she’s doing to run, dance, and sing to the music.  In a sweet and special way, it is hers.  
                                            Jennifer Pullen, Evelyn’s mom

Mallory and I love Kindermusik because of the special memories we’ve made and the fun times we’ve had!                   Kari Meers, Mallory’s mom

I like Kindermusik because I like to sing and dance. Kaylee Harper, age 3 1/2

Kindermusik has meant togetherness to our family.  It has always provided a space and opportunity to explore, listen, try new things, act silly, be creative and enjoy…TOGETHER!  As a mother I cherish the days I get to go to class with my child and watch her be herself, acting in her own unique ways amongst her peers, growing and learning.  I am always so proud as I watch my child and thankful that she is mine. Kindermusik has given me those moments. Maggie Cooper, mom to Vivian and Emily

Allie Garrett (age 2) was grumpy until her mom told her it was Thursday and time for Kindermusik. Suzanne said her attitude totally changed!

Matthew Lewallen (age 5) loves Kindermusik because he gets to see his friends!

When Britton (age 2) was saying his prayers, he thanked God for trumpets and Miss Kathryn.                                                  Sally Echols, Britton’s mom
Atticus loves to share his mom's special treats with his friends at Kindermusik!  Click here to see more of Chin's creations.The words/music symbols you see on top of the cupcakes are chocolate!

For those who returned their coloring pages, thank you!  Liz, our student worker in Kindermusik used the famous "eeny, meeny, mini, mo" method and found THREE winners -
Mary Kathryn Mead
Julia Beauchamp
Kailyn Therber

Thanks to all who participated in WE LOVE KINDERMUSIK WEEK! 
A good beginning never ends.

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