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Friday, June 18, 2010

Summer session underway

Kindermusik of Berry College summer classes are now in session. Week one is complete with many new families enjoying music together.

The Village classes (newborn - 18 months) are at capacity! One of the goals for this age group is to introduce new songs and activities to the parents so they incorporate them into everyday life. Many families will also create new and lasting friendships in these classes.

Our other weekly classes are Musical Beginnings (18 months - 3 years) & Family Time (all ages together). The theme for these classes is "Let's Play." The curriculum includes favorites such as trains, the playground, teddy bears & toys. As you visit the playground this summer, try singing the "swinging" song or sing as you climb up the ladder to the slide. Your home activity magazine has numerous creative ideas for you to use at home. Kindermusik CD's are usually in the car, but I encourage you to bring it in the house and enjoy it there too!

Many people think of Kindermusik as an activity for babies, toddlers and preschoolers, but Kindermusik of Berry offers many classes for older children. This week was Orffestrations camp. Children participating were ages 7 - 12, and they used Orff instruments to accompany songs and rhymes. Goals for the week included: listening, critiquing, cooperation, and creativity. There is also singing, movement and playing instruments.

Here we are discussing the balance of instruments as we accompanied a rhyme. The drums were loud, and the children had to find an instrument that would compliment the drum. We finally decided on maracas.
Ricky & Parker trying sandblocks instead of drums to accompany the rhyme, Little Miss.
Ricky, Mallory & Kenzi trying out the shakers.
Working with a partner doing hand claps. It's not as easy as it looks!
Meggi, Anna Kate, Mallory, and Ricky playing the recorder for Frere Jacque. Kate is the class assistant.
Ryan & Kenzi playing the bass metallophone.
Xylophone players: Samuel, Joshua, & Parker.
Here's video of our partner claps, to the tune of Take Me Out To The Ballgame. We worked on this all week with different partners trying to keep a steady beat and getting the pattern just right! This activity was the prelude to our pantomime baseball game. We listened to Brahms Hungarian Rhapsody No. 5 in g minor and then choreographed our movements. I don't have a video of this activity, but it was definitely a favorite that asked for every day!
One of activities this week included a rhyme called Queen Queen Caroline. The first day the children learned the rhyme & added unpitched instruments to each phrase. On day two we learned a melody to make the rhyme a song. Once we knew the song we added the bass metallophone for accompaniment to our singing, we called this the "A" part. We added a "B" part that was spoken rhyme. Our form was ABA, or ternary. On the third day I taught the children the melody, so that everyone could play it on the barred instruments. This was quite a challenge, but the children did a great job. The video here shows the children practicing the 2 parts. The words are:
Queen Queen Caroline
Washed her hair in turpentine
Turpentine made is shine
Queen Queen Caroline

The B section is - "what's in her hair...I don't know"

Kindermusik is not a performance based program, but our Orff class did perform for our families on the last day. But, in true Kindermusik fashion we also let the parents do a few activities with us. It was a great week with some fun kids. Orff camp is not always advertised, but it's offered every summer. Put it on your list of things to do next year!