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Friday, February 24, 2012

Checking Out Schools, part 4

Providence Preparatory is new to the Rome area, having begun in August 2011.  It is an alternative to public and private schools, one that many home schooling families are choosing.  Many parents want to train their children spiritually, which means they need consistent and meaningful time with them.  But, these same parents want academic excellence for their children, yet not wanting to send their child to a local school system five days a week, which reduces parental influence.

PPA is a University Model School, and is one of over 50 schools of this type in the United States. The Rome campus is located at the corner of Kingston Highway and the Loop.  It is housed at the Chapel Hill United Methodist Church facilities.  It provides a solution for many families seeking a viable educational alternative for their children. Through this model, students are prepared for higher education while being developed spiritually.  Providence Prep serves students in Kindergarten through 7th grade.  Plans are to add a grade level each year.

The core academic classes, Math, Language Arts, Science and History, are offered along with elective classes.  Student to teacher ratios are kept small at a maximum of 16:1.  Like a university, students enroll by semester.  The scheduling allows students to take one class or all of their classes at PPA.  Unlike traditional education choices, families can choose to enroll their student in the classes that will fit within their budget or schedule each semester.

Providence Prep is an educational alternative that, until now, has not been among the typical educational choices available to parents in Rome. Its significance lies in its ability to effectively utilize parents in partnership with highly-qualified professional instructors to gain better academic results.   The school has started the accreditation process through the Georgia Accrediting Commission (GAC), and plans to also seek accreditation through the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS).

An informational meeting will be held on March 8 and April 12 at 10 a.m.  For more information contact Pam Finnegan 706-235-6655

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Checking Out Schools, part 3

It is not too early to begin looking at the next level of education for your child.
You are invited you to visit Berry College Elementary and Middle School. BCEMS is a kindergarten – eighth grade lab school, and is an integral part of Berry’s Charter School of Education and Human Sciences. The school is located on the Mountain Campus of Berry College, a lovely three-mile drive up the “Stretch Road” from the Ford Campus.
There are few schools in the world like BCEMS; they exemplify the ideal of what is possible in education when students are given access to rare pools of extraordinary talent and resources.  At BCEMS, kids grow to love learning in a joyful environment, and that is truly the most valuable objective that could ever be achieved. 
BCEMS offers activities beyond the academics. Some of the activities include: athletics (basketball, golf, cross country, track and tennis), dance & yoga, scouting and more. Students at BCEMS also benefit from the assistance of college students in the classroom.

To learn more, visit: or follow the Quick Link from the main Berry College site to Berry College Elementary and Middle School. 

Friday, February 3, 2012

Checking Out Schools, part 2

If you are interested in a premier preschool program for your 3 - 5 year old, then check out Berry College Child Development Center.  The school is housed in the log cabin area on the Berry campus, which are known as cottages.  There is a fabulous playground, and the ever present deer population roaming outside on the grounds.

Berry has PreK3 and PreK4 classes which are open to the public. Many families put their child on the waiting list as early as birth, though there are spaces available for Fall 2012! One of the pre-requisites before enrolling in the CDC is that your child is potty trained.  They boast that tuition is lower than other private schools, and meals are included in your fees.  Yoga and Spanish are also included in the tuition. For additional fees your child can participate in Kindermusik ABC Music and Me classes, and computer skills.  All of these extras are taught on site!

One of the most outstanding components at the CDC is the adult:child ratio of 1:5.  This is because the center has energetic college students that work in the classroom with the certified teachers.

You can learn more about Berry's Child Development Center here.   Open House will be held on February 24 from 8:30 - noon and 4 - 6 pm.