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Monday, July 22, 2013

Young Child year two or .....

Here's a scenario that happens frequently: My child has participated in Kindermusik for several years, and has completed the first year of the Young Child curriculum. Should I move them to private piano or violin instead of completing the Young Child sequence?

A child completing 1st year of Young Child is usually 5 or maybe 6 years old. Many piano teachers do not take students until they are 7. Violin teachers will take children at a younger age because their are instruments designed for smaller hands (1/4 and 1/2 size violins). What are the advantages of completing the Young Child sequence?
  • Kindermusik is a group activity and children enjoy making music with their peers.
  • Kindermusik includes many games that make it more than just learning a new song. The songs are just fun, they teach skills like ear training and form.
  • Kindermusik introduces the children to composers and styles of music through listening and moving to music. This doesn't happen in most private lessons.
  • The 2nd year of Young Child has the children playing a dulcimer and a recorder. The dulcimer is a string instrument, the recorder is a wind instrument - both require fine motor skills. Violin and piano are fine motor skill driven too.
  • Steady beat is continued to be reinforced in Kindermusik through ensemble playing. All music requires a steady pulse, but the group aspect of Kindermusik helps the children feel it easier than doing it on their own!
  • Ensemble playing is more prevalent in the 2nd year of Young Child, and this encourages listening. Is someone too loud? do we have a steady beat? can you hear the melody?
  • Private lessons cost considerably more than group classes.  For example, Kindermusik for the Young Child is $250 for the entire semester, including materials.  Private lessons can cost $350 and more for the semester, plus books are extra.
I have seen students leave the Kindermusik curriculum, take piano later with "holes" that have to be repaired. Students who continue through year two of Kindermusik have a solid foundation!

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