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Friday, May 15, 2009

Summer is a good time for

relaxing, reading, and remembering. Remember your days of summer? What did you do? When I was a kid, I played outside, played with friends and went swimming whenever I could. I'm sure I watched my share of TV too, but there weren't a zillion channels to choose from!

Today's children are so busy that they don't take time to relax, read or remember. I know parents like to keep the children busy, but allow them some slow hazy, lazy days of summer. Pick a few activities that will engage your child, not just entertain. Be deliberate in choosing, and try to be creative.

Here are my picks for summer fun with the kids:

go to the park

go to the library...summer storytime is on Tuesday & Thursday beginning in June.

pack a picnic

load up the bikes and ride... the trail next to the rivers in Rome is great because it's shady!

make homemade ice cream and invite the neighbors over

get a big box from the appliance store - it will become LOTS of things before it is over!

Vacation Bible School is a great week long activity and in Rome, you can find one most any week!

read books with your kids and then let them act it out or re-tell it

as you travel, sing a song....find a theme song for the trip. Sometimes it's a song we know, sometimes we change the words to a familiar tune.

First Friday Concerts in Rome are the best!

Visit a state park for the day...swim in the lake and hike a trail.

Find a Kindermusik class for your child. Go to and click on Kindermusik

I had to add that last one, but I believe music makes life sweeter. It's one activity that is multi-generational. You never get too old to enjoy and make music. So, no matter what activities you choose this summer includes some music. It may just be dancing in the den, but your kids will definitely remember it!

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Aimee Carter said...

When we are not at Kindermusik class, my girls and I enjoy taking walks at the park and swimming!