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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Music Benefits

All around the world, people love music. Americans are hooked on American Idol. In the UK, it's Britain's Got Talent. Click here to see their talent!

Kids gravitate to music...they dance to music on TV, love a marching band, and hop up on Grandma's piano bench to make their own music. Music is a multi-million dollar business: iTunes, rock concerts, symphony orchestras, country music, Broadway show, and the list goes on. But, what are the benefits of music? I'm glad you asked! just had an article outlining the 12 benefits of music education. Here is a summary of 4 of the benefits.

1. Early musical training helps develop brain areas involved in language and reasoning.

2. Students of the arts learn to think creatively and solve problems by imagining various solutions.

3. Music study enhances teamwork skills and discipline.

4. Music provides children with a means of self-expression, of which self-esteem is a by-product.

Give your child a benefit that will last a lifetime: music!

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