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Thursday, May 14, 2009

First EVER!

I have finally done it! I have entered the blogging world. I am a fan of blogs, and have learned many things from reading them. This blog is primarily to share my love of music with those who visit. I am a pianist by training, but a singer at heart. I suppose I got this love of music from my father. Now, he is not a great singer...but he was always singing. He still sings in the church choir at age 86! I grew up on a farm in north Florida, and my dad would get up to early milk the cows and he would sing as he walked to the barn.

This joyful (not beautiful) song that he carried is etched in my soul too. After I graduated from college with a music education degree, I had a piano studio in my home. I still do, but 20 years ago I added Kindermusik to my repetoire. What is Kindermusik? It's a children's music program for families. I get to share and make music with young children and their families - it's what grandma did on her porch for many years. Not my grandma - but granma's in general.

My intent with this blog is to share with families how music can add joy to your day. I may have some parenting tips, music to add to your playlist and probably a recipe or too.

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Anonymous said...

Kathyrn, you and I share something in common besides Kindermusik, piano, and being a mom--we both grew up on a dairy farm. My dad, also, sang as we milked cows. I, too, sang to the cows. They didn't mind the quality! :-) Love your blog!---Glenda Alley