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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Double Dip - music & swimming

The Holland Sentinel reports, "there are many similarities between sports and music. Athletes and musicians practice their craft diligently to perform their best in front of the crowd. Both entertain and are highly competitive. "

When I go to the pool to pick up my swimmer from Three Rivers Swim Club, I see that many of the swimmers are former Kindermusik students. In addition to swimming, they have continued their music study with piano, orchestra, chorus and band. My personal theory is that there is a certain rhythm involved in swimming...counting your strokes, kicks, knowing how far to the wall, etc... And of course, music is all about rhythm and the pulse. I tell students, without a pulse, you die and so does your music!

This past weekend, TRSC participated in a fun meet, and a relay team found four Kindermusik grads swimming the 200 Free Relay and winning. So, this summer enjoy the rhythm of music and the pool!

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