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Thursday, July 7, 2016

Bring Kindermusik to South Rome!

In 1989 I entered the world of Kindermusik.  I went for training that summer and started teaching a small group of children at the Child Development Center on the Berry campus. Fast forward 28 years (WHAT?) and I have 2nd generation kids in classes and have seen Kindermusik grads who continue their music into adulthood. The Kindermusik tag line, "a good beginning never ends" is one I believe. Kindermusik is more than just learning music, it's learning life skills through music.

When the education department at Berry College decided to partner with an under-served community, it made sense for Kindermusik to be a part of their education. The 3 year olds at the South Rome Early Learning Center (SRELC) thrive in the music presented via Kindermusik each week.  For many of the children, English is their 2nd language and the songs and books used in Kindermusik allow them an opportunity to practice their English skills.  Home materials are an important component in the program, so the learning continues with their families.

This year the SRELC is expanding, and we want all the children there to be able to participate in Kindermusik. Several campaigns are helping assure that this will happen, and you can be a part of bringing music to the children in South Rome.  Click here to learn how you can donate. Donations are tax deductible!

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