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Thursday, May 12, 2016

20 years of Kindermusik with the Lataif's

I started teaching Kindermusik in 1989.  I have had many families come through the program during the years, but one family has just finished 20 years with me! Louis and Susan Lataif moved to Rome in 1996 when their first child, Emily, was about 2 years old. Susan always started the kids in Our Time classes and could easily have taught the classes because she knew all the songs.  She loved her one on one time with her toddlers, but often had a baby or older sibling in tow.

Charlie's last Kindermusik day and all are accounted for except Emily
The children continued in Kindermusik through all the curricula, and she often had 3 or 4 kids in different classes.  The kids in Young Child classes were often lucky enough to have Dad join them for sharing time.  This family appreciates music, and immersed their children in music.  All the kids have played the piano, Emily and Frances even took piano in college.  Ted has recently started learning the trumpet.  Renee wants to learn the violin and guitar.
Frances, Ted, Renee, Ms. Kathryn, George, Charlie and Philip
The Lataif kids, 3 girls and 4 boys, are always polite, courteous and friendly.  The boys can be rambunctious and rowdy, but Susan knows how to reel them in.  One of the things I loved about having Susan and her kids in Kindermusik was that she was a great parenting model.  She enjoyed her children, but didn't worship them.  She was always interested in people and hearing their stories.  She made sure her kids listened and didn't interrupt adults that were talking.  She let them make mistakes and suffer consequences.   

Emily and Frances, the first in the long line of Lataif's
Ted playing the recorder at a sharing day
Kindermusik celebration for George, with older sister Frances
Philip in an Imagine That class
Susan, Charlie and Renee march in an Our Time class
Did I mention she homeschool's her kids?  They are scheduled and have routines.  They take tennis lessons, they are involved at church, the boys are in Scouts, the girls sew and knit. The Lataif's all help out at home.  Every spring they go to the local strawberry farm, each pick 2 buckets of berries (62 pounds this year!) and then home to help make jam.  I have been the recipient of delicious strawberry jam for many years.  The kids know how to take initiative, because they know their mom and dad aren't going to do it for them.  Emily will graduate from the University of Dallas this weekend.  Frances attends Catholic University of America in DC.  Ted will go to University of Illinois this fall to study Aeronautical Engineering.  George is often flying his drone and taking videos, many that have been used on local news sites.  Renee just completed a National program for piano guild auditions, memorizing 8 pieces, playing all minor scales and transposing! She received a superior rating.  Philip and Charlie are also taking piano and doing great.  They have a regular practice schedule at their house, and I think the piano must be busy all day long.  That is music to my ears!

Thanks Lataif's for letting me share in your life these past 20 years. It's been wonderful and you will be missed in Kindermusik.

2015 Christmas card

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