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Monday, October 22, 2012

Meet the Author!

On Saturday, children and their families waited patiently to meet the author and illustrator of the new children's book, Martin the Guitar.  The living room of the Berry College Alumni Center was the perfect location to hear the story and music. Harry Musselwhite engaged the audience with the tale he wrote about a little guitar named Martin.  As the story progressed he introduced three instruments found in the book: guitar, mandolin and the violin.  
Harry, the storyteller
An added bonus was to see the original drawings for the book. Brian Barr talked with the children about how he gave life to the story through the pictures.  The originals were vibrant and detailed, which doesn't always translate into the printed version.
Illustrations from the book

Brian Barr, illustrator

Harry with Martin the Guitar

Good listeners!

Mr. Musselwhite talked about how music can make us feel, and how it gives personality to characters in a story.  He played the music of Martin, which was sweet and lyrical. Then using the same guitar he contrasted the song of Martin with the upbeat, rough sounds of Mr. D, another character in the book.  With a smaller string instrument called a mandolin, the children heard the laughing, mocking sounds of Loar.  The children moved to the music of the various characters, and were able to practice their listening skills.
Harry and Loar, the mandolin

Entertaining the family!
After the story and music, Mr. Musselwhite and Mr. Barr answered questions and autographed copies of the book for those in attendance.
Personalized Copy

Waiting for an autograph

Kaleb holds his new book and waits to have it signed

Harry and Brian greeting the children

Sophie and Eleanor
You can still pick up a copy of the book when you come to Kindermusik, and Mr. M is just down the hall if you want him to autograph it!

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