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Monday, March 7, 2011

Gardening Time

I think we can all agree that Berry College has a beautiful campus. Well, this is your chance to share in the beauty. You can purchase garden perennials & herbs THIS Friday, March 11 in the Horticulture Greenhouses! This will allow you to put Berry-grown plants in your garden over the weekend. For those of you who are not yet familiar with the location of the Horticultural Services Greenhouses, they are located behind the Ford Complex, near the Westcott building, adjacent to the baseball diamond.

Items for sale this year will include:

Culinary herbs will include Lemon Grass, Mint, Fern leaf Dill, Chives, Oregano, Fennel, Cilantro, Parsley, Thyme, and Stevia, the Sweet Herb. Lavender is also available, in a heat and drought tolerant variety called ‘Purple Elegance’.

Garden perennials including Hosta, pink Bleeding Heart, and Columbine, will be offered.

New this year are three varieties of Lenten Rose, ‘Pink Frost’, ‘Silver Moon’, and ‘Champion’. Perovskia, the Russian Sage is here, as well as Daylily, and Wojo’s Gem Vinca Vine, too.

Every garden needs a Coreopsis, and we have the thread-leaf variety ‘Zagreb’. Returning after many years of absence are the Veronicas. An old-fashioned favorite, the blooming spikes of bright blue ‘Royal Candles’ or the raspberry pink ‘Red Fox’ deserve a place in your perennial border. Veronica flowers are strong

and weather-proof, so don’t miss these favorites. The

Hosta offerings will include three easy, shade-loving varieties, and Rudbeckia ‘Indian Summer’ is here for dependable, summer-long color. Often requested, the Eucalyptus is here! This tender perennial may not live forever, but the interesting habit a

nd delightful scent makes it a fun addition to your garden. Don’t miss it!


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