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Friday, October 28, 2016

Moving Up: Comparing Kindermusik Village and Our Time

Registration for Spring Kindermusik classes at Berry College opens next week, and many parents are asking if they should move their baby to toddler class?  Here are some parameters, guidelines and thoughts on the difference between a Village class and Our Time class.

Kindermusik Village is for newborn - 18 month olds. That is a guideline for the ages in the class. There are exceptions based on developmental abilities.

In general Village classes:

  • move at a slower pace 
  • allow for more exploration before moving on to "next"
  • children experience the beat through movement with adults and hear it modeled in the class
  • Parent is essential to a great Village experience
Kindermusik Our Time classes are for 18 months - 3 year olds.

  • there are more activities in Our Time and the pace is quicker
  • children are asked for their ideas
  • parents are important to the class, but the children begin to assert independence
  • children begin to demonstrate the ability to play instrument with regards to steady beat
  • children listen for specific sounds and are asked to respond with their bodies.  Moving high and low, fast and slow.
If you are uncertain about which class is right for your child, please have a conversation with your Kindermusik teacher!

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