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Monday, December 17, 2012

Navigating a Tragedy

The news from Newtown Connecticut has stirred many emotions in me over the past several days.  Because I have children, teach children, and love families this has been a difficult matter to comprehend.  I avoided watching television, and honestly didn't want to talk about it for the first 24 hours.  I suppose that would be denial.

Since I don't watch much television, I get most of my news via Twitter accounts that I follow.  That may seem odd, but that allows me to choose what I read.  We live in the informational (overload) age, so I decided to pass along a few of my favorite links concerning this horrific event.

3 short stories about the heroic events of teachers at Sandy Hook

Reflections on the tragedy by a recent Berry College graduate that is a children's minister

Helping children cope with their fears, but one of my favorite bloggers.

What NOT to say, and what TO say to those dealing with grief

I hope you will find comfort and encouragement through these posts.

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