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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Classes resume - what to expect

We are glad you are participating in the fall semester of Kindermusik of Berry College! Here are few things to remember and consider as you come to class each week:

  • The college students are slowly moving back to campus, and their classes begin Monday, August 27.  The freshmen move in on Wednesday, August 22.  This will make finding a parking space more of a challenge. Also, note that these students are NOT looking for you and your BE CAREFUL!!
  • Use quiet voices and walking feet as you enter the building because classes are in session. Stay with your child all the way from the car to the building, and vice versa. This is for safety purposes.  I know children like to run and hide from their grown-up, especially the older kids...but please encourage them to stay with you.  Once you left the building take them to one of the fields and let them run and play!!
  • Please monitor your child in the elevator! The red and yellow buttons call security, and they lose patience with all the false alarms.  An officer is dispatched EVERYTIME one of the buttons is pushed, even when your child pushes it by accident.  They are at a child's level, because if someone fell in the elevator, and really needed help they would be able to access the buttons easily!!
  • Turn your cell phone off, or put it on silent while in class. This will allow you to focus fully on your child. If you must take a call, please do so in the hallway.
  • WE FOLLOW FLOYD COUNTY PUBLIC SCHOOLS IN CASE OF SEVERE WEATHER. IF Floyd county schools are closed due to the weather, then Kindermusik will not not meet. IF the schools close after 2:00 p.m. you should call the Kindermusik office (706-233-4091) concerning afternoon and evening classes. IF it is a non-event (snows, schools close but it melts away by afternoon), then classes MAY meet. IF in doubt, call the Kindermusik office for an updated message, check the blog or Facebook.
  • Please sign the photo release form in the classroom. This will give us permission to use pictures of you and your child on the blog, website or our Facebook page.
  • If your child has had fever within the last 24 hours or you suspect that they are becoming ill, please do not attend class and chance infecting other families. You may make-up a class on a different day and time at any time during the semester.
  • Have fun with your child at Kindermusik. No laundry, no dishes, no toys to pick up. Just enjoy this time, it passes very quickly!  Save those adult conversations for before and after class.
  • Kindermusik is not about performance. It is a process of learning and loving. It is for families to grow in their time together.

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