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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Whatever the Weather!

The forecast calls for snow tonight & early tomorrow morning. Remember, if the Floyd County Schools are closed DUE to inclement weather, then Kindermusik will not meet.

HOWEVER, if the schools go in late...come on to class. ALSO, afternoon classes will meet IF the roads allow it...even if schools are closed for the whole day. It's supposed to warm up, so chances are the roads will be fine tomorrow afternoon.

I will send an email & leave a message on the office phone 706-233-4091. So check those if you are UNSURE.

What about the week we missed at the beginning of the semester? We will add a week to the end of the semester, so that all 15 weeks will be offered. If we miss another class on Thursday due to weather, we'll make that up too.

Blessed are the flexible. We can't change the weather!

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