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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Benefits of Movement

Movement is a key component in any Kindermusik class. Children enjoy moving, in fact, it's hard to keep them still - at least until they become teenagers! Today I'm going to share some benefits of movement that I learned reading Different Learners.

Movement, especially rocking, spinning or hanging upside down, helps develop the cerebellum. The cerebellum interacts with higher, frontal levels in the brain for cognitive skills such as language, social interactions, music, and attention. The brain seeks activities during key periods of development. The cerebellum has a large growth spurt during the first 2 years of life, yet continues to grow and change into adolescence, and that would answer why your child likes to spin and you don't!!

Exploring physical spaces through movement contributes to higher cognitive skills that depend on spatial abilities, including math, sciences, the arts and memory. In the Kindermusik class that movement includes navigating without bumping others.

Exercise & movement promote a healthy lifestyle, but did you know it also builds the brain? Here are some brain benefits of exercise:

  • Patterned movement (circle left, circle right, into the center, walk back out)replenishes brain cells
  • Vigorous, fast dance routines may quicken your & your child's overall speed of information processing!
  • makes the mind alert and increases attention and motivation
  • prepares and encourages nerve cells to bond to one another which helps log new information
Get moving and build your brain!

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