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Friday, September 10, 2010

Meet Kathryn...more than you needed to know!

I wanted to introduce myself beyond what you see when you come to class, get in an email or a phone here goes!

I'm Kathryn Nobles, and I grew up on a farm in North Central Florida. I started piano when I was 7, and clarinet when I was 10. I began playing piano at my church when I was about 12. Music has always been a part of my life. As a child, I recall my Dad walking to the barn to milk the cows, and he was always singing or humming a hymn. Dad wasn't the best singer but he made a joyful noise. He recently retired his choir robe at the age of 87! Literally he was in the church choir until the past month.

I came to Rome in 1978 to attend Berry College. I met my husband Randy on the first day...though we didn't start dating for a few weeks! We married before my senior year in college, as he had secured a job as a teacher at West Rome Junior High (the current West Rome WalMart location). Randy has taught in the city schools for 30 years, and promises to continue teaching 8th grade until Kate finishes middle school. We love Rome and the community. We are active members at Calvary Baptist Church. I have held many positions over the years... Sunday School teacher, children's choir director, pianist and currently I direct the adult choir.

I have been an adjunct at Berry since 1986. I teaching piano classes, private piano and accompanying vocal and instrumental students. I love working with the college music majors, as well as the flexibility and challenge it provides.

Through the encouragement of my college piano teacher I received training and started the Kindermusik program in 1989. Kindermusik can be found in countries around the world, and is the leading music and movement program for children. I started with 9 students in the Young Child program, as that was the only curriculum offered at the time. The program continues to be a thriving part of the Berry campus where over 175 families enjoy music each week.

This post is also going to give you on an inside look at the Nobles family. Here's the family Christmas photo...Aaron, 22; Kathryn & Randy (married 29 years), Carrie, 16; Kate, 11; Alyssa, 20.

I began teaching piano in 1980, and I have taught several families that include the 2nd generation. I even have one family where I taught the mom, and currently I teach her daughter and her dad!! With the exception of my 72 year old student, all my piano students were once Kindermusik students, because a "good beginning never ends."

Emily and AJ graduated this year after being Kindermusik students and piano students since they were very young. I remember watching AJ at age 18 months, and thinking how music was in his bones! He is currently majoring in music at Berry. He & Emily also play the french horn. Kindermusik graduates gravitate to oboe, french horn and percussion. The first two require a good ear, the latter a strong sense of rhythm. Kindermusik does that!

Kate is my swimmer. She swims with Three Rivers Swim Club. Here is Kate and three friends at Auburn swim camp. Three of the four girls were Kindermusik kids. I see a lot of former Kindermusik students at the pool. There is rhythm in music and rhythm in swimming.
Our family loves the National Parks. We enjoy day hikes in the beautiful park system. We have taken 5 different National Parks trips. You can read more about those at my other blog.

Randy & me at Zion National Park, Utah.
On top of Sentinel Dome, Yosemite National Park, California.

Mom & the girls on the northern California coast. Great tide pools to explore here!

We love Chick-fil-A! Everyone knows the CFA cow, but do you know Doodles? He was the first mascot at the Dwarf house. My oldest two have worked for Chick-fil-A, and we are strong supporters of the Cathy empire. Truett Cathy does more than sell great tasting chicken. Alyssa is in the Winshape College program at Berry, which provides her with a scholarship and leadership opportunities.
We love cats. Over the years we have had many cats. Here are the current kitties....Rowdy & Charlie.
Band - our family loves the band. I played clarinet in high school and college. I was a piano major, but always participated in the band. My children are fortunate to be a part of the Sound of the Seven Hills at Rome High. They have all had Wade Williams (Ms. Wendy's husband) in middle school band. All the kids played different instruments. Aaron played the tuba. Alyssa was in the percussion section & marched 2nd bass during marching season. Carrie plays the trumpet in the RHS band. She is my true musician! Kate started 6th grade band this year and is learning to play the trombone in addition to her piano studies. Yes, I have taught all my kids piano,but Kate and Carrie are the only ones that continue to play.
We love college students.!College students have been a part of the Nobles family since the mid-80's. We enjoy having them in our home, and watching them mature during the college journey. It's hard to say good-bye when they graduate, but they come back and bring their children. It's the circle of life. Our family has been blessed with great role models for our children. Young adults have invested in our children's lives, and we are grateful. My husband & I lead the college class at our church, which gives us a chance to invest in their spiritual growth. Another thing I love about college students - they enjoy a home cooked meal. This means there are usually extras at the Sunday dinner table.

Four children...all of them did Kindermusik. They enjoy a variety of styles of music & are all great kids. It's tremendous blessing to watch them grow up, and see where God is going to take them. Having teens & young adults brings a different challenge than when they were young. Babies keep you up at do teens, but for different reasons. It's an adventure being a parent of four very unique children, but I'm glad for the opportunity.

It's hard to get them all together, because they go in so many different directions. Our tradition is to take a picture at Easter, before they shed their Sunday clothes!

Weddings are another occasion when I can snap a picture.

Family, church and music take the top spots in my life, but in my spare time I love to read and bake!

I hope you enjoyed reading this personal saga.

See you at Kindermusik!

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