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Monday, January 4, 2010

Kid's World at Mt. Berry Square featuring Kindermusik

A new program is being launched at the Mount Berry Square mall in January called Kid's Club. It is a free club that children ages 4-8 can join & the meetings will be the 2nd Saturday of every month in the morning. Each meeting will feature an educational theme. Kindermusik will be the focus of the first meeting, January 9 at 10:00 a.m.

Kid's Club is going to be educational for the parents, and the Kindermusik will be fun for everyone.  Kindermusik is best when it is experienced.  I can tell you about the activities, but most folks "get it" when they participate. But, you are probably wondering what will we do at 10 a.m. on a Saturday morning at the mall?  Here are some things we will do:

  • Children enjoy marching, galloping, and tiptoeing as a drum tells them how to move and when to stop.  We call this talking drum.  The children enjoy anticipating when they will stop and how they will move.  It's a movement activity, but it's also an listening exercise!
  • We will ask the children to listen to specific a siren and a foghorn. High & low are the first steps in pitch discrimination. We'll make those sounds with our voices - voice exploration.  We may try out some instruments that might re-create those sounds.  Then we will listen to a musical example that uses high & low, and then move to the music - moving our bodies high & low.
  • There will be plenty of instrument play.  We will use drums, shakers, and metal instruments to create an ensemble.  This will allow the children to use their listening skills in a group setting,and hear the various timbres produced by different instruments.

We will meet outside of Belk, so please use the entrance closest to the store. 

The Kid's Club is designed for ages 4 - 8, but Kindermusik is a family affair - so feel free to bring the family.  Remember this program is free and will be offered the 2nd Tuesday of every month!  Kindermusik of Berry College is the inaugural program, so make sure you join us. 

We'll even have a special drawing on Saturday! So, if you haven't won in our monthly "20 years" drawing, you have another chance this Saturday, January 9 at the mall!!

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