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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Wild Geese are Flying

One of the songs that we sing in the Village class is "Wild Geese Are Flying."  It's a lovely song about the coming of winter and the geese flying south.  In the baby class, the children experience resonator bars for the first time.   The parents "fly" the children through the air as we listen to the song.  In another session, humongous scarves are used by the parents as they swoop the scarves around the children.  

Last week I introduced this beautiful melody to the children in the Beyond Kindermusik class. They sang and flew with scarves, similar to the babies.  They enjoyed playing with the scarves and moving to the music, but these 1st - 3rd graders can make their own music.  

Enjoy this video of the children accompanying the song.  We had 9 children playing instruments and one child flying with a scarf.

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