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Thursday, August 6, 2009

If Your Happy and You Know It Tell A Friend

Do you have a great experience that you want everyone to know about? Do you find yourself telling friends, and even strangers about your vacation or a sale at your favorite store? My family loves the National Parks.  I can talk for hours about the wonders of the parks.  My youngest daughter is involved in a local swim club. I am constantly telling other moms about Three Rivers Swim Club.  I tell them why I am supportive of the sport of swimming: exercise, friends, competition, discipline, and confidence builder.

I am a Kindermusik teacher, and I love it when families have had a great time in our program, and they tell their friends.  When someone calls about Kindermusik of Berry College, they usually learned about it from a friend, relative or neighbor.  There is nothing like a personal referral.  Someone you trust to give you suggestions and advice.  

So, if you are a happy Kindermusik parent I would encourage you to tell someone about the program.  Have them visit our website.   Fall classes begin the week of August 17, and we offer classes for ages newborn - age 7.  

Here are a couple of testimonials from happy families!

“The past five or six years have been a joy for us.  Often we spend money on our children/grandchildren for games, toys and other activities and don’t see fruit from our investment.  I’m thankful all the money we’ve spent on Kindermusik at Berry has been a good investment and will keep paying off even after we quit investing.”  C.J.’s Mimi, retired educator  

“Families have so many demands on their time.  I say “no” to many outside activities, but I have always found time in our family’s schedule for Kindermusik.  It is an essential part of my children’s education."     Susan, mom to 7.


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